Thursday , 23 October 2014
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Doubutsu Doonatsu, Funny Donuts from Japan – Various confectionary creations unique and strange increasingly common in this world. Mainstream type of food seems to have made ​​a lot of fans of culinary bored and want to try a new kind of creation. For that Doubutsu Doonatsu appear.

Doubutsu Doonatsu 2

Doubutsu Doonatsu is a donut that is decorated toping funny animal character. Which makes it funny is the shape of the ear and the expression of the animal paintings are painted on the top of the donut.

Ikumi is Nakao, a Japanese culinary activist who first made the culinary funny. he named it as the name above, and upload their work and sell it at a cake shop called Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama. Delicatessen is located in Kawasaki, Japan.

To promote the homemade donuts, and upload photos Ikumi the cute cake to his twitter, which is getting a lot of positive response.

Apparently unique culinary enthusiasts like the shape of frogs, bears, cats, and other cute animals that formed Doubutsu Doonatsu.

Doubutsu Doonatsu

Quoted by Vemale from Kotaku, the price of a box of donuts cute reasonably priced, which is $ 9. Commensurate with the hard work of the author who painted one by one these cakes with the patient.

Unfortunately, Ikumi have not opened it funny donut outlets abroad. Only in Japan you can enjoy it. Or it could be the inspiration for your employer donuts? Please try.