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Review: Indonesia vs Vietnam in Final AFF U-19 – Indonesia U – 19 national team was finally able to advance to the peak of the AFF U – 19 Cup after frustrate the opposition Timor Leste U – 19 with a score of 2-0 at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium , Friday ( 20/9 ) night . In the final , Indonesia will face Vietnam beat Laos in the semi-finals .

Indonesia vs Vietnam in Final AFF U-19

Indonesia vs Vietnam in Final AFF U-19

Facing East Timor , Garuda Jaya back playing his best squad . Maldini who inhabited the previous two games back bench played since the early minutes . While at the back , Yama and Fatchur Hansamu Rohman again be a mainstay while Muchlis Hadi Ning back in as the main shaft after being injured .

Indonesia is able to excel one goal in the first half . Garuda goal was scored by Ilham Jaya Udin Armayn after only ten minutes after receiving feedback from Muchlis Hadi Ning .

Winning one goal to make Indonesia more comfortable in building an attack . Noted some effort from Evan Dimas , M Hargianto to kick hard Zulfandi still not able to add features Garuda Jaya in the first round .

Indonesia in the second half did not loosen the attack . A minute second-half run , Evan Dimas almost added advantage . Unfortunately his hard shot from inside the penalty box after receiving a pass Ilham Udin still able to be secured well by goalkeeper Timor Leste , Fagio Augosto Da Silva .

Indonesia’s efforts to increase the benefits of finally materialized in the 60th minute . This time it was a successful M Hargianto listed his name on the scoreboard through hard kick left foot from outside the penalty box .

Two-goal lead did not make the Indonesian attack weakened . Instead , the vibrant Indonesian players attacking defense Timor Leste . One of them is through the opportunities of Evan Dimas kick in the 74th minute which was still able to be secured very well by Fagio .

Timor Leste is not without opportunities . In the 81st minute , an attack of Timor Leste almost minimize the position . Lucky shot Jose Dos Santos Almeida was still rising from the Indonesian goalkeeper .

In the remainder of the second half , Indonesia continues to put pressure on Hadi and the passing speed Dinan Muchlis who came on for Javier Ilham Armayn Udin . But until the game was over , the score 2-0 to win Indonesia unchanged .

With these results , Evan Dimas et al will challenge the Vietnamese U – 19 in the final of U – 19 Football Championship which will be held Sunday, September 22, 2013 .

The composition of players

Timor Leste : Fagio Augosto Da Silva Pereira ( GK ) ; Jorge Sabas Victor , Candido Monteiro , Moises Pina Amorin , Ezequiel Dos Santos ; Marcos Gusmao Morais ( Jose Dos santos Almeida 65 ‘ ) , Henrique Wilson Martinz , Jorge Manuel Alvez , Nathaniel De Jesus Reis ( C ) ; Frangcyatma Alves , Adelino de Oliveira .

Indonesia : Ravi Murdianto ( GK ) ( Rully Desrian 39 ‘ ) ; Fatchu M Rahman , M Sahrul Kurniawan , Hansamu Yama , Putu Gede Between June ; Zulfiandi ( Sandi Henderson 80 ‘ ) , Hargianto ; Evan Dimas ( C ) ; Maldini , Ilham Udin ( Javier Dinan 70 ‘ ) , Mukhlis Hadi .