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Indonesia AFF Cup U-19 Champion

Musjack.com – Indonesian national team won the U-19 Football Championship after a 7-6 penalty shootout win over Vietnam in the final match on Sunday (22/9).

Indonesia AFF Cup U-19 Champion

Must end with the final match-tos tosan after the score remained 0-0 until the 120 minute running game.

Stadion Gelora Delta Sidoarjo welcome Garuda Muda squad rousing victory. Ilham kick Udin as executor of the Indonesian national team to ensure victory.

Udin Ilham kick the ball had hit the post before going into the goal, and was greeted by the entire audience that packed the stadium.

Believe it should not, the myth of the ‘power’ red jacket Garuda Jaya in AFF Cup U-19 returned to bring good luck. Newest, Indonesia back win after the photo session before the game was off the jacket.

Just info, good luck red jacket Garuda Jaya has been proven in previous parties. Evan et al Dimas win in the match before the photo session started without removing the jacket. Ie against Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Thailand and Timor Leste and a 1-1 draw against Malaysia.

While poor results picked when defeated Vietnam in the group stage, at which time it began Jaya Garuda team photo session by removing the red jacket bearing the Garuda.

Indonesia AFF Cup U-19 Champion1Vietnam and met again in the top of the party, Ravi et al Murdianto apparently did not want to repeat the same result. Garuda Jaya red jacket was no longer removed when the team photo session ahead of the game. As a result, Indonesia won the victory and end the fast national football title by winning the trophy U-19 Football Championship.

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