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Nicole And Jiyoung Out , KARA Dismissed ?

Musjack.com – Shocking news from one of Korea’s top girl group , KARA . Through a press conference conducted by their agency , DSP Media , one of their personnel , Nicole decided not to renew his contract with DSP Media again which means out of KARA’s Nicole . Meanwhile , another of its personnel , Jiyoung also considering cooking – cook whether he will continue his career with KARA or backward . Left by two personnel , will KARA disband ?


” Gyuri , Seungyeon , and Hara they all extended their contracts for the next 2 years , and have decided to take further action with DSP … Contract for Jiyoung , in contrast to other members and will end in April , he has decided to think mature – mature about the way of life , singing career , and education . Nicole has revealed that he does not intend to renew his contract with DSP and thus his contract will expire in January as the beginning of the previous contract . ” Explained a spokesman DSP Media .

Although abandoned by its personnel , if the DSP asserts KARA will stand and take part in K – Pop industry .

” Even if some members go without renew their contracts , the group itself will be dissolved and will continue to promote within the country and abroad . ” He said .

Not known the real reason of the decision to leave KARA Nicole , but the turmoil that hit Jiyoung , many are informed if Jiyoung want to focus more on learning and probably will continue their studies abroad .

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