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Farhat Abbas: Ahmad Dhani Is Artist And Stupid Dad ! – After the accident case involving the name Ahmad Abdul Qadir Jilani, better known as Dul, the youngest partner with Maia Ahmad Dhani Estianty, some comments also appear including of Farhat Abbas. Through his Twitter account, @ farhatabbaslaw, Farhat Ahmad Dhani even mention as an artist and father of a fool.

Ahmad Dhani

It is not a new thing if Farhat Abbas always comment on every incident that is being in the moment, including the case of Dul, the son of Ahmad Dhani who was driving the Mitsubishi Lancer on Sunday, September 8, 2013 yesterday hit a barrier Jagorawi so twisted and crashed into two other cars that cause 6 people were killed and 9 others injured. Farhat said Dhani as an artist and my father a fool for defending Dul carrying – carrying case Hatta Rajasa son free after hitting two people to death.

Farhat Abbas tweet 1

Farhat also give advice on Dhani to be responsible for her accident victims.

Farhat Abbas tweet 2

Of course the ‘chirp’ Farhat Abbas his follower opposition from some who do not agree with what is expressed. They are too busy to fight back Farhat.

Farhat Abbas

But not a few who actually support what is said Daniaty Nia’s husband on the pretext if a President must have the courage to speak bluntly – factly.
Farhat Abbas tweet 3
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