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Profile Biodata Photos Evan Dimas Indonesian National Team – Profile Biodata Photo Evan Dimas Indonesian national team  – One more young Indonesian soccer players who with bright and brilliant future . He is Evan Dimas . In cup competitions AFF U – 19, which is being held , Evan Dimas shows his ability . In the match against Thailand Indonesia ( 16/9 ) , captain of Indonesia U – 19 national team , scoring a hat trick delivers Indonesia 3-1 win over Thailand .

Evan Dimas Indonesian National Team 19

We discuss a little about the Photos Profile Biography Evan Dimas Indonesian national team . Complete named Evan Dimas DARMONO , he was born in Surabaya on March 13, 1995. Evan played at the position Midfielder Dimas . Evan Dimas age is still 18 years old , but his ability should not be underestimated. Evan Dimas , Surabaya native player is entered in the football squad Jawa Timur ( East Java ) are projected toward the National Sports Week ( PON ) in Riau XVIII/2012 . Not only in the squad Java , but boy this one also had the opportunity to sit directly to Josep ‘ Pep ‘ Guardiola at Barcelona , because thanks to the great skill , he was elected at the event entitled ‘ The Chance of Southeast Asia ‘ .

Evan Dimas is a baby and a couple Condro DARMONO Ana . Evan Dimas instead of the family are . His father was just a security . Evan Dimas admitted , first diligently playing football since 4th grade elementary school ( SD ) . Evan Dimas was studying at SSB Sasana Bhakti ( Sakti ) with his cousin , Peter Ariawan .

Evan Dimas honed talent , he joined SSB Partners Surabaya in 2007 , when the 12 -year -old Evan . Surabaya partners , one of the club under the auspices of the PSSI Surabaya internal competition , becoming the first team that defended by Evan Dimas . Partner with glittering appearance , making Evan Dimas name included in the squad for the Provincial Sports Week Surabaya ( Porprov ) III Java 2011.

After impressive performances in Porprov , be included in the ticket Evan Dimas football team in 2012 in East Java for PON Riau . In addition , Evan Dimas is also listed as a Division II team player , Surabaya Young . Not only brilliant at the local level , the owner ‘s full name Evan DARMONO Dimas is pretty well known at national level . He also holds the armband National Team ( national team) U – 17 Indonesia , as well as successfully put Garuda Muda won HKFA International Youth Invitation tournament in Hong Kong , early 2012 .

Profile Biodata Photos Evan Dimas Indonesian national team

In June 2012 . Evan Dimas was elected as the representative of Indonesia in the talent show titled ‘ The Chance ‘ . He was finally right to fly to Barcelona , aside hundreds of thousands of other young players in Indonesia. In Barcelona , Evan Dimas received training and direct referrals from former Barcelona coach , Pep Guardiola . Evan Dimas compete with 100 children from 55 countries .

Evan Dimas Indonesian National Team 22

In addition to Evan , the three players selected from Southeast Asia is a 24- year-old striker Malaysia Rahmat Che Hashim , 19 years old midfielder from Thailand , Napapon Sripratheep and 20 -year-old midfielder Muhammad Faris Bin Ramli Singapore .

Much earlier , Dimas Evan ‘s mother , Ana was told . Dimas Evan ‘s mother still remembers well how she and her husband kelimpungannya , Darmono , when their eldest son , who was 9 years old , Evan asks football boots . Understandably , they are not people , it’s time Ana just living as a housewife , while selling vegetables Darmono round before switching professions to become security guards .

At that time, Evan is keen to play football since the age of three years had been whining for registered Bhakti Soccer School Camps , Surabaya . Automatically he must have football boots .

” For the kids , we ultimately seek . Me to the market and buy soccer shoes that cost Rp 20 thousand . Just a cheap – cheap wis , Evan origin happy , ” Ana recalls that as a couple living in a modest house in the area Ngemplak , Surabaya .

The shoes turned out to not only make Evan happy . But , it also marks the beginning of the struggle he had to lead to a variety of achievements . For example , a U – 17 national team captain who successfully won HKFA Indonesia International Youth Football Invitation Tournament in 2012 and a series of other achievements . Unfortunately , Evan Dimas included in the 48 players who were eliminated in the first stage of the selection process The Chance global finals in Barcelona .

In mid- September 2013 , the Evan Dimas captained the U- 19 national team to compete in the AFF Youth Championship 2013, which is currently being held .

Hopefully Evan Dimas and his friends be able to achieve a perfect result for the Champion title . Our prayers of the people of Indonesia !