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Biodata, Profile and Biography Ravi Murdianto

Sunday, October 13th 2013. | Breaking News, Football, Sport, Sportainment

Ravi Murdianto 5 – Biodata, Profile and Biography Ravi Murdianto

Ravi Murdianto Profile

  • Full Name : Ravi ​​Murdianto (Ravi)
  • Place of Birth : Grobogan , Central Java Date of Birth : March 13, 1995
  • Zodiac : Pisces
  • Nationality : Indonesian Goalkeeper
  • Height : 183 cm
  • Weight : 82 Kg
  • Father : Heri Supriyanto
  • Mother : Murminah

Ravi Murdianto Biography

born in Grobogan , Central Java, on March 13, 1995 is the couple’s son and Murminah Supriyanto Heri . His love of football world has seen since I was young . Ravi began to explore the learning in Football School Football ( SSB ) Son Bersemi Grobogan . Then he mangasah expertise in School Football ( SSB ) Tugu Muda Semarang .

Deliver outstanding potential incoming Student Education and Training Center ( PPLP ) or commonly called Java Training Salatiga . Two years later , Ravi drawn to practice in Training Ragunan . Ravi is believed to be goalkeeper U- 17 and U – 18 . Under the banner of the U – 17 , he drove Indonesian students won the tournament in Hong Kong . In the U – 18 national team , he helped bring the Red and White won the tournament ranked fifth student in Iran .

Ravi has instincts and dexterity in goal . Not surprisingly, the U – 19 national team coach Indra Sjafri always believed as the main goalkeeper . Prior to the defending team , he costumed Attack Perserang who competed in Division I. While still pursuing science in SSB Tugu Muda , there is an unforgettable experience . One evening , home from practice in Sidodadi Field , he had to walk from Penggaron to Tegowanu , Grobogan . Ragunan High School graduate was walking alone back to his home which is about 20 kilometers lanataran already too late and there are no more buses on this . Because he never got home , her parents panicked , they came to the field Sidodadi , asked the coach , but nobody knows . Anxiety Heri Supriyanto and Murminah vanished after knowing the favorite son has reached home in Jalan Tegowanu Kulon RT10 RW 1 , Grobogan .

In 2013 Ravi and other young eagle successfully led Indonesia U – 19 national team became champion in AFF U – 19 Cup by a shootout is very dramatic . Shortly after winning the AFC U – 19 trophy , Ravi Murdianto re-invigorate the U- 19 national team in the Asian Cup ( AFC ) U – 19 . Their first game against Laos , ending with a 4-0 victory . In the Asian Cup qualifiers next U – 19 against South Korea , Ravi Murdianto played very well , despite conceding twice , but a lot of the ball which led to the post he tepis . Ravi Murdianto also done some very brave saves , until he had an injury , but continued to fight until the end . In that match , the U – 19 Asian Cup champions beat 11 times , South Korea with a score of 3-2 , making a U- 19 Group G Qualifying Champion U – 19 and U – 19 national team deliver to the U – 19 Asian Cup 2014 October in Myanmar .

Ravi Murdianto Photos

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