Tuesday , 25 November 2014
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Hot Photos of Dewi Persik jumped into bed with Ian Kasela Radja

Dewi Persik

Musjack.com – Dewi Persik sensation would seemingly endless. Dangdut singer who now frequently starred in the horror film has now tested a model video clip song entitled Severe Radja. Interestingly, in this video clip Dewi Persik have jumped into bed!

According to the scenario, the artist who is often called Depe this had to be making out with Radja vocalist, Ian Kasela. Of outstanding photographs, Dewi Persik who look pretty hot looks and on top of her making out with Ian on the bed.

Apparently this scene makes Ian Kasela fairly nervous and excited. In fact, Dewi Persik Ian said that many times to the toilet often sweating and was so nervous.

Dewi Persik - Ian Kasela

“I think Ian Bang excited, sweat, cold hand. Up above was he said, ‘oh neng, dizziness’, “says Depe as quoted by the tabloid Star. “Pas scene here (in bed), than he had to pee constantly. Willing to take, waiting for Ian mas again in the toilet. “

Depe disclosed what was justified by Ian. He admitted that this time he was often embarrassed because the opponent gets more special than previous models clips.

“Video clips are a lot, but this is the worst,” he said. “Special really. Can the opponent role ‘wow’. Yes I was a bit uncomfortable yes. “