Thursday , 18 September 2014
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Wild party, Justin Bieber Topless Dare Immoral Women Together – Justin Bieber Wild party, Justin Bieber continues to be acting outside the norms of decency. Some time ago, the 19-year-old teenager was reportedly came to Develop a strip club in Houston, Texas. There, he was partying with a topless woman, as well as being “naughty”.

Justin Bieber Wild party

When confirmed journalist, Justin representative declined to comment. While pictures of Justin at a party at a club that has been widely circulated on the internet.

A stripper even tweeted about Justin’s behavior at the party. “He touched my ass until I almost feel like fainting,” wrote the stripper in the account @ DiamondsR4ever, Dailymail reported. Justin Bieber Wild party

“I’ve danced with many celebrities and in general they were just dancing,” he continued. “But Justin made ​​me very surprised.” Justin Bieber Wild party

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