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Tristan Alif Naufal, Indonesian Children Aged 8 Years Interest Ajax Amsterdam

Musjack.com – 8 year old boy from Indonesia who are good at playing football , Tristan Alif Naufal , was invited to train at the Academy of Ajax Amsterdam , one of the most powerful clubs in the Netherlands . The plan , Tristan Alif Naufal will fly to the land of windmills on Thursday ( 10/31/2013 ).

Tristan Alif Naufal

Tristan Alif Naufal and his family will visit the headquarters of Ajax Amsterdam with the Managing Director of The Footballicious , Andhika Suksmana , and former Indonesian national team physiotherapist , Matias Ibo .

” We deliberately invited Matias Ibo , because he had school in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch . It can help Alif and families to communicate with Ajax , “said Andhika Suksmana in Jakarta recently .

Ajax Amsterdam itself seems interested to Tristan Alif Naufal boy wonder after seeing action through video footage . Though overall there are a number of European clubs who showed interest in the same , but so far the new Ajax Amsterdam is considered the most serious of the former Liverpool Football School students ( LFC ) is .

” The family immediately contacted Ajax Alif . They are interested after seeing the video . Actually there are several European clubs are interested in inviting Alif , but only the most serious Ajax to contact family Alif . Ajax immediately invited Alif to practice in Amsterdam , ” said Andhika Suksmana .

” So far , only Alif football practice at some schools . Exercise with it, because he was not at LFC academy . Thursday October 31 2013, Alif will go to the Netherlands with her parents , Matias Ibo and me , Dika . Alif started training with Ajax U12 players during the week , ranging from 1 to 8 November 2013, ” he continued .