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FB Add Photo Features in the Comments Box

Thursday, June 20th 2013. | Breaking News, Facebook, Social Media - FB now allow users to add images to the comment box. This means, comment on Facebook posts do not just text and emoticon only. Now the addition of pictures is also supported.

Facebook introduced this feature by posting their Product Engineer Bob Baldwin. On his Facebook page, he showed how the feature works.

As the picture below, in the comment box, on the right side will appear a camera logo. This logo is the image upload option. Please click to add photos to comment.

fb comment

fb comment

If you add an image or photo on the option, then the result will be like the picture below. Like the comment text, images uploaded can also be like.

fb comment with picture

fb comment with picture

Bob Baldwin wrote if this feature is present in order to reveal the story better targeted. That is, there are times when something can not be fully conveyed through a text-only.

Bob Baldwin what is written is true. Previously Facebook has also added emoticons in the comment box. In fact, this feature is initially just to chat.

Not only in the comment box, emoticons are also embedded in the status update box. Users can better express themselves with various unique and interesting emoticons status.

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