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Kaitlin Pearson (Elementary school teacher) suspended after semi-nude modeling shots sent to her boss – Things started to heat up for Kaitlin Pearson , a teacher of special education Massachusetts 23 years old, because the images were sent to the heads of the school and a local newspaper .

Kaitlin Pearson

A measure of the elementary school teacher has been a half naked for naughty pictures anonymously her modeling was exposed to sent their heads .

Kaitlin Pearson , 23, is in hot water after racy photos of her putting on revealing bikinis and next-to- nothing sportswear has also sent his local newspaper.

Also, a note read : ” Can you believe this girl was hired to work in schools with special education children Fitchburg ? “

The 23- year-old – nicknamed Kaity – temporarily booted , with full pay , from South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg on Friday .

An investigation is whether the second task , appearing in skimpy outfits sporting events contains , their ability to work with children , special education acts in place.

Pearson , who has a long-time friend , has refused to comment on his suspension.

But other images have emerged showing his other female models nude online – hug. She also appeared on the cover of the September 2013 Model Mania Magazine.

More photos are on Model Mayhem profile , especially when she says she is not posing naked and opened on your Facebook page .

The Sentinel and Enterprise , sent the photos, reports , parents have had a mixed reaction to the images.

” One comes to be a role model for children ,” said Andy ‘s parents Saocedo reporters , while another added: ” . Probably leave work at work and his career as a teaching model to separate “

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