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Agnes Monica showing off cleavage at 2014 Grammy Event

Musjack.com – Agnes Monica performing again at the pre Grammy 2014 as she had done in the past year . This time , the singer of the Coke Bottle re- emerged with a fairly sexy clothing . What she looks like ?

Agnes Monica Grammy 2014

In some photos uploaded Agnes Monica through their social media accounts , this singer look beautiful and elegant . He was wearing a black blazer , his hair was neatly tied only to the rear without various accessories , as a result look more mature appearance .

But the most interesting is the blue bra that covers the chest . Inevitably , Agnes cleavage so it looks quite clear . However this time the style of dress Agnes rated much better than his performance in the same event in 2013 ago .

As is known , in the pre- Grammy event in 2013 , Agnes had come under sharp criticism because of the clothing that is considered bad . At that time , Agnes just wearing beaded bra , vest batik , as well as hot jeans pant torn here and there .

Regardless of the style of clothing Agnes , the young singers of this one was lucky enough to attend the event due to ‘ warm up ‘ the Grammys . Although not able to get a nomination in the prestigious music awards , at least Agnes managed to meet some famous people as he exhibited in Instagramnya account .

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