Sunday , 23 November 2014
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Sticker “Wayang Unyu” in Facebook Messenger

Wayang Unyu in Facebook Messenger

Wayang Unyu in Facebook Messenger – Facebook introduces new sticker album collection called “Wayang Unyu” specifically for Facebook and Facebook Messenger app from Indonesia.

This sticker collection consists of 40 illustrations Punakawan puppet characters, namely Petruk, Gareng, Bagong, Semar, and Heroine.

Heroine Punakawan and this figure has been transformed into a cartoon by Rury brothers Iwan Nazif and Nazif. Rury currently working in Telkomsel, while his brother, Iwan, based in Kuala Lumpur as a freelance illustrator.

For users of Android and iOS devices, can immediately download it from the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger by going to the menu Sticker Store.

Facebook started to equip sticker features in instant messaging services in April 2013. This is how companies that conversation on Facebook Messenger is more expressive as other instant messaging services.