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Tiffany ‘SNSD': After Taiwan, We Will Come to Indonesia

Tiffany SNSD

Tiffany SNSD

Musjack.com – Tiffany along with Taeyeon and Sunny ‘SNSD’ appeared as special invitees in the ‘Korea Day’ Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, July 28. On the occasion, Tiffany had said that he and Girls’ Generation will come to Indonesia.

Not formally in front of the audience baseball game, but Tiffany backstage talking when a fan came specifically to see him. Fans who come from San Francisco to record the moment when Tiffany walked up to them and giving autographs.

“I feel very at home,” Tiffany said after thanking the birthday wishes he received from the fans. On that occasion, Tiffany could answer more questions from fans and revealed plans concert of Girls’ Generation next.

“We’re still going on, so … we just finished Taiwan and we’re heading over to Indonesia,” said the born August 1, 1989. It is certainly surprising to SONEs (fans of Girls’ Generation) in Indonesia since the past few months, rumors about the concert ‘Girls and Peace’ was widely rumored to be held in Jakarta.

Not only getting the signature of Tiffany, fans in attendance immediately saw the appearance of Girls’ Generation in the baseball stadium was given a photo opportunity with the singer of ‘I Got A Boy’ is. If you usually take pictures with fans who asked, her real name is Hwang Miyoung was actually offering her fans to take pictures.

Until now, the concert promoter Girls’ Generation in Jakarta has not given an official announcement regarding the date, ticket price, location and number of the day of the concert will be held. But some clues are given and it seems only a matter of the announcement date. It’s ready, SONE?

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