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Nikita Mirzani: Just Quit My tongue to lips Onad Direction

Friday, August 2nd 2013. | Asian Star, Entertainment
Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani – Photo rogue Nikita Mirzani with vocalist Killing Me Inside, Leonardo Onadio that are circulating on the internet is enough to make a scene. Nikita was finally defending themselves when appearing on the show “Show Imah” Trans TV, South Jakarta, Friday, August 2.

Nikita claimed to pose it just for the fun of it and not be categorized as intimate photos. According to Nikita, it’s just her fad alone, moreover Onad already has a lover.

“It was not a kiss, the tongue I just go out to the lips Onad. How does photos for the fun of it,” said Nikita trying to convince. “Onad already had a boyfriend. Wrote for fun photos. Heck I realize I’m a public figure. Could be a scene I do not know on Twitter.”

Nikita also explained, her lover at that time bulenya also were at the scene. He said his girlfriend was jealous because she knew Onadio a friend. “He was not jealous. Rage fit I beaten it. ‘Ve known each Onad,” said Nikita.

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