Sunday , 23 November 2014
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Three-dimensional scanner marketed – A tool that can scan an object so that it can be replicated using a three-dimensional printer has been marketed.

The MakerBot Digitizer, which sold for U.S. $ 1,400, will be sent to the customer first in October.

Three-dimensional scanner

Three-dimensional scanner

Demand for these machines apparently booming in the store when the manufacturers began to be offered on Thursday (22/08) night.

The digitizer is the latest product that wants to bring the 3D printer to track popular technology, but experts seem rather skeptical about this.

This machine is made to replicate an object without requiring the user to learn specific 3D software or other skills.

How it works, the engine fired several laser on the object and detecting surface contour.

It also allows users to upload their 3D designs directly to Thingiverse, a website where 3D design can be shared.
be realistic

The time required to scan an object varies, but in a test using a small replica dwarf takes 12 minutes.

“The MakerBot Digitizer is for those who quickly adapt to new technologies, which likes to experiment, and a visionary who wants to be a leader in three-dimensional scanning,” he said.

“These include-but are not limited to the architects, designers, hobbyists, teachers and artists.”

However, MakerBot explained that this machine is not suitable for intricate designs and that users should not expect “too much” of this machine.

“Expectations have to be realistic,” wrote the company. “You can not, for example, scan a hamburger and then takes his digital design.”

He added that these objects are shiny, reflective, and fuzzy is not suitable for scanning.